Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pull Down Your Pants And Slide On The Ice!

So I watched a bit of the Olympics, as I felt it was my patriotic duty and really, what else is on for the next 17 days as this country comes to a standstill, both in terms of productivity and media.
Anyway, I guess I am bit of curmudgeon and perhaps need to lighten up a bit, but my God man...what happened to the "Good sport".."Good Game"..."Happy to be here"....lucky to be competing with the worlds best."..."Blessed to be amongst these athletes"?


We apparently must "own the podium" as it were. Not my words, but a conscious and expensive effort for the past 4 years to not show how good and classy athletes we are, and pick up the odd medal here and there; no we have to own it!

Me thinks it smacks of arrogance, and flies in the face of what I figured was the worlds perception of us good Canadians.

Apologizing for things that are not our fault; opening doors for every and all; health care to all the good folks in our land of lakes and trees. But that is as gone as Saars. Dead as courteous drivers on the Highway of Heroes.

Overnight we became the people that want to take over the world of shooting whilst skiing; dancing on ice; tobogganing way too fast in spandex, and of course Hockey.
Ahhhh yes. Our game!

The poor Canadian that finished 5Th in our first Gold Medal affair will go home and never be heard from again! This young lad (Eric Guay) is the fifth best in the world at this sport, and yet not a peep was heard about him, not a glimpse of his parents (who I am sure are undoubtedly proud) sitting in the stands. And sadly, we will probably never hear from him again.

No, you see we have to "own" the podium. All colours of it. Fifth is kissing your sister with tongue damn it!

Why can't we celebrate excellence?
Why do we have to "WIN", "OWN", "Decimate", "Destroy" ???

"Ladies and Gentlemen take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice"...All the way to the bottom of hill and have the joy of your life.

Nice to be back



Anonymous said...

It *does* seem un-Canadian AND unsportsman-like.
Luckily, as I watch only bits and pieces that my husband records on the DVR, I don't have to pay attention to all of those winner/whiner comments on TV.

Glad to see you back, David!

Tom Hannon said...

Have you been gone? said...

welcome back!

i have been enjoying the olympics too from 12am our time haha

i enjoy the luge curling and speed skating! :D

joanne said...

nice to have you back, missed you!

Anonymous said...

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Government Funded Blogger said...

I cringed when I first heard that own the podium. I also cringed in the past when i heard our 14th placed and lower placed athletes tell the cameras that that were happy with their performance

Good post.

Kay Dennison said...

Welcome back!!

Having had kids in sports, I learned that good sportsmanship isn't 'in' anymore. Some of the thongs I've seen are appalling. Such is the world these.

Anonymous said...

Sling it Dave! This is a rant worth having. These poor kids and their folks, getting the shaft after devoting so much of their resources and spirit to their sport.

There is an American figure skater (Evan Lysa-something) who I didn't figure I cared much for until I heard him interviewed. He's in 2nd place currently and when asked about getting a gold medal his response was basically "I'm just here to do my best and make my family proud" of course I want him to SMASH that arrogant Russian who referred to his opponents on tape as "enemies".

Good to have you back, Man.

LegalMist said...

I love the Olympics, though. I love watching so many great athletes competing and achieving so much. And despite the "take the gold" mentality of some - and really, isn't competition about winning at some level? - I have seen a lot of kindness and decency these games, too. People smiling and obviously happy with their performance - a personal best, perhaps, or just the joy of being there - even without a medal to "prove" it.

And the skiing and snowboarding and ice skating and bobsledding .. . all of it has been really fun to watch.

Unknown said...

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