Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why I Love Telemarketers!

At this time last week, we were at the end of our rope of pain for Janet. She took morphine like they were chocolate Macaroons. . She took them in three's every 3 hours. The pain stayed.
Yes, she felt "somewhat" relaxed, but the pain was a dog that laid at the doorstep. This journey from a minor pain in legs over the summer grew and grew and grew.
It manifested in her shoulders, knees, and throat.
Were it not for a discovery that her Luekemia had indeed come back, and manifested itself as huge breast lumps, we would not have got her hospitalized and attended to so magnificently.

Yes, magnificent is an interesting word to describe Cancer treatment, but after 5 days in care, chemo, and steroid drips, she is a new lady!

I will pick her up Monday morning, and we will re group as a team, and tackle the things that married folks and parents tackle.
It has been a while since she has been part of the team. She laid in pain for the better part of August and September, and slept most of the time. Today when I visited, I saw a light in her that I have not seen since June. A fiery girl that wants to get back to the huge neighborhood walks, the fall gardening, and some big house projects that have been on hold for a long time.
We talked today and caught up on all the wonderful things that guitar boy has been up to.
Dan is our favorite subject!

We are back!

I have a physio therapy that is on going. It is a therapy that when I master it, will give the illusion that I have balance.
I have no balance since the firestorm that took out my ears and the accompanying gear that directs one to walk upright and normal.
Labyrinthitis is the technical term. It is one of the last remaining (other than my profound deafness) ailments that makes me walk like I just left the frat house after a few Friday night keggers. Except I have nary a sip of the brew that causes the tilt in some.

So I go to a lady that provides me with vestibular and ocular therapy. It tricks my brain into thinking that all is good and it is ok to walk straight. It is pretty cool stuff, mostly homework, but I see her once every two or three weeks to get my next level of stuff to help me one day join the circus.

On the 30th of the month, I will go to Audiologist that is part of the cochlear team.
We will try some more strategies to make "sound out of pulses" in my latest cochlear on board computer that refuses to play with me.
I want it to work, and will not be happy to just let it sit. Even if it means re implanting the sucker, I am ready to go into surgery at the drop of scapel.

My left side CI ramps up better and better every day. I am a hearing machine!
I am on to the phone use big time. I love telemarketers because I get to practice.
"Would Mr of Mrs....... be in"?
"We will be on your street this week doing windows, can we offer a ....."?
""Can you tell me more about it" I inquire.
They think they have a hot prospect, but in reality I am just a CI Guy who needs to hear voices on the phone. Lots of them.
Men and women.
The more the merrier, and long conversation and lots of it is best.

So they ramble excitingly as I interject with "again" or "repeat please", and hone my telephone skills.

Men are tough, women not so bad.
Practice is paying off, and I know feel safe on our land line.
I conquered my Blackberry about a month ago, and love the quality that it treats my cochlear implant processor with. The speaker and the digital sound works well with my Mr. T mic.

So I will continue to work on mastering some Cirque du Soleil moves, and perfect my telemarketing skills.
I am over the moon that my lover and best friend, that I have been married to for 19 years next week, will be home to see my progress.
Maybe I'll get out the balance beam and impress her! :)

Dan and Speeder are as giddy as school boys as well.

Our life is good!