Thursday, August 30, 2018

Fuck it and Breathe

"The question in life is not whether you get knocked down. You will. The question is, are you ready to get back up... And fight for what you believe in?"
Author Unknown

In short, I am ready to pick myself up, dust myself off and fight. I believe that my life is worth living and I'm ready to start fighting for it. I'm ready to start dealing with things in a way that is healthy and in which I take my power and my voice, back!
Tinnitus sucks!!
The roars, the bells, the gongs, the monks chanting, the orchestral versions of  some National anthems to full arrangements of  Beatles songs for fucks sake. Whats up with that?

So today, the second last day of August. Two days before my unofficial new year starts (always loved September and still refer to it as first Month of a new year) I will launch my latest software upgrade that features ONE APP only. This App has life changing, mind altering, earth shattering features. 
I stole the name for  app idea and have no shame for using the name that rightfully should be credited to Michael J Fox.
Drum roll please..................................
Thrive Global interviewer: What’s your secret life hack? 
MJF: Fuck it and breathe.

My new life hack, secret app, software upgrade....fuck new and forever going forward (never backward) mantra will be: