Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Get the Jab!

We both got our vaccine booster shots yesterday, and other than a sore arm, I am grateful for the science and the medicine to help protect us in this new world of pathogens and viruses. I am discouraged that we still suffer the imposed loss of freedoms and the old world safety of traveling to a remote warm climate like we did in past winters. Part of me blames those citizens that still refuse to believe that a vaccine is our only way of getting back to a semblance of old days. I am no expert, but based on history, we sorta know that we kicked scarlet fever to the curb by all of us getting a vaccine. Same story for polio and a few other viruses that ravaged our population in years past. So why do these anti-vaxers demand rights and exceptions to the rules and science to keep us all alive and safe? Why do they scream "Charter of freedom and rights" to keep a vaccine from entering their bodies? Why do you insist on me to "do my own research" and not listen to science, but listen to the "Facebook and Fox news experts"? Why do you want us to protect you from being disallowed from going to hospitality venues without proof of vaccinations?

Not believing in vaccinations or the science behind vaccinations is not a protected class. You do not qualify for protections under any known law or charter in either Canada where my wife and I reside.

You have the right and freedom to choose not to receive the vaccine. You have the right and freedom to not believe in the science behind them.

However, exercising these freedoms does not absolve you from the consequences of your actions. Society does not need to accept your beliefs. Businesses do not have to serve you. People don't have to like you. That is them exercising THEIR freedoms. The same freedoms you enjoy.

So you can keep posting and reporting your beliefs that our leaders are vaccinating us to control us somehow, or how you "read" that our prime minister only received a saline and water vaccine, and how we sheep should wake up, but here it is from me to you: it goes nowhere with me.
I wouldn't waste your time. I would however recommend you strongly consider getting vaccinated. Read better sources and don't use places like Facebook or Twitter to get your scientific and medical information.

Also for the other side or people like me who believe in the science of vaccinations based on research by real medical professionals: You/we should not force vaccinations on people, This is also not an acceptable stance. If anyone advocate for rounding up the unvaccinated and placing them into camps, holding them hostage and forcibly injecting them, or any variation on that, you can keep that attitude to yourself.