Friday, February 19, 2010

Missing Cuba!

I think I may have gone to the warm sun too soon in the long winter of our Canadian discontent.

Mary and I just got back from a week in Cuba, but after a scant 6 days back it hit me that it is still February!
Funny how the seasonal disorders; the blues and the blahs ramp up big in the shortest month of the year.
Perhaps because the month that is shortest in days, is also shortest in our true source of vitamin D: Sun glorious sun.

Regardless, Cuba chased the blues right out of my horn for 7 wonderful days.

Temps in the 30's every day with the exception of Superbowl Sunday. On the day of hype and American glory it dropped down to the mid teens (Celsius my American friends!)Great balls of orange sun every day, as we laid on the sand and watched the surf turf the land.

This was my second visit to the island of Cuba.
My last visit was during Christmas 25 years ago.
My father had just passed away and I had an opportunity to use sun, sand and Cerveza to reflect on what I thought was a sad "part of life" event. He died a young man, not quite 60 yet, and it was a surprise to me.

I have since come to a new acceptance that people die, babies are born, spring follows is change. Accept and enjoy.
And I have. My chapter 2 is a glorious wonderful story with a wonderful lady that showed me how to live and love again!

Cuba, as I discovered, offered a different look at the world. A view that life is a gift, and what we have in our world, we take for granted until we see another world.

I loved Cuba then, and love it now. The people are warm and so thankful and grateful for the dollar store trinkets that we brought to give to them as our tips or our way of thanking the maid/servers/hostess etc. It was a million dollars to a lady who lovingly custom made our eggs each day when Mary gave her colouring books for her children.

25 years ago, on my first visit to Cuba, I smoked too many Coheba's, drank too many Mojito and cerveza (por favor)!, and got montezuma's revenge! Cuba had just celebrated 25 years of Castro in power.

25 years later, last week, I smoked no cigars, and drank the odd beer on the beech and took advantage of nice wines at dinners. Spanish coffee ended most evenings and early nights were the norm.
Ahh yes 52 year old male versus a 27 year old boy!

Castro is still alive, and technically still in power. His brother though has the control of the remote on the island right now.

Regardless of the great time, we are back in "groundhog" month, where every day is the same: sun rises late, sets early, same cold and damp temp every day. No sun, just grey with shades of Gray!

I feel like a snarly old manopausal (new word) male who needs more sun, more sand, and vino blanco por favor!

I spent some time looking at Blogs by Cubans the past few days, and if you get some time I suggest you do the same. The simple fact that you and I can do this (Blog) we take for granted. Different story in Cuba, and one day I will do a post on it.

Oh the sun is making a comeback here in the land of "own the podium". I best open the blinds and suck it up.




bobbie said...

Glad to hear you had a warm, wonderful time in Cuba. Store it up to dream about until spring comes again.

Kay Dennison said...

How I envy you!!!!! Sun, sand and cerveza is just what I need right now.

Government Funded Blogger said...

Six days is too short.Glad you enjoyed it. Our cure for the Feb. blahs is vitamin D therapy and the indoor -outdoor thermometer set on fahrenheit.

Anonymous said...

If it can't be me enjoying the sun, sand, and cerveza, then I'm glad it's you & Mary.
I do believe that the coloring books were so wonderful because it meant that you were treating that lady as a person and not just someone you should tip.

LegalMist said...

Welcome back, and may you have many more happy vacations to remind you of all this beautiful world has to offer.

Life As I Know It Now said...

Manapausal is now definitely in my vocabulary. All we hear about Cuba here in this country is how bad it is for no real reason except that they share their meager resources. I like reading your interpretation on this country. And I'm glad February is such a short month because otherwise it would be too depressing.

Bobby Chase said...

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