Friday, December 31, 2021

I Don't Mind What Happens

A life spent not minding what happens is admirable. In the last 22 months, we have lived with a pandemic that has changed our lives as we knew them. From wearing masks to standing 6 feet apart, to dining in with takeout rather than risk the public in what once was preferred dining rooms; our old-world ways pre-March 2020 are but nostalgic memories.

So I have decided to stop thinking about the next chapters in this seemingly never-ending pandemic or if indeed it will become an endemic soon. We last traveled in January 2020, so we have a great memory and we do miss the annual beach trips. Not gonna lie. But I am at the point that the angst that comes with reading the dailies is not worth it. So a declaration is in order today.

On this, the last day of the year I herby make a promise (pinkies not crossed) to not mind what happens. Wish me luck and Happy New Year to you wonderful readers!



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