Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Scraping November for Joy

Ruts. Rabbit holes.  Short cold gloomy days. Long nights.
Attempting to find the lighter side of November for me is akin to finding the good in Hitler Or Trump.
Trump I can find a boatload of humor in. Hitler not so much.

I have tried to force a gladness the last two weeks. I get up with hope and go looking for the fun and funny side of these short gray days, but nada. Zilch.

November is February without Valentines Day.

December I can get along with. A month of family, food, presents, get together s and nice meals and outings. January is still part of that equation with New Years, New hopes, New goals...then the slide into the long and cold without the reverie. March has the promise and hopes of spring and even the occasional mild day to BBQ without fear of frostbite.

September and October have the colours of autumn and football!

Then we hit the off switch on the joy button and sink into November.

I will work on me before I sink like the Edmund Fitzgerald did when the "Skies of November turned gloomy"



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