Friday, August 19, 2011

Autum Wind

The hard part is starting back. Finding the discipline, let alone the creative thinking to write at least one piece in this space. I figured that if I just starting typing, it will flow.
"Open a vein, and let it run" sort of thing. Man was I wrong.

This is quite possibly my twenty fifth attempt at starting back at writing in my space. My creative outlet that I love so dearly got shelved.
Summer came.
Gardens, BBQ's, pools, cold drinks, friends over....
A trip to BC with family.
Stratford Festival.

But hey..."the autumn wind, came rolling in..."

I am back baby!

I hope.



Kay Dennison said...

I hope you're back, too!!!! I've wondered what you have been up to these days!!!! I hope it's all good!!!!

Government Funded Blogger said...

Nice to see you posting again my friend. An old blogging vet like you will get the hang of it!

Annieofbluegables said...

I certainly missed you, but I figured you had a sweetheart to keep you busy and a young man to raise. Life happens.