Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why is the world designed for the hearing? I spent last night, and good knows countless others in the past 2 1/2 years, trying to understand why closed captioning sucks. Why it is hit and miss. Why


CiCi said...

Closed captioning can certainly be improved upon as well as the general understanding of deaf culture.

Sherry Peyton said...

I've often wondered when I saw it, if it were verbatim or not. And does it vary from location to location? Surely the world is organized around those with full sensory input. I've wondered the same about sign language--I presume it avoids some of the minor parts of speech? Something like subject, verb, object? without all the flowerly adjectives? I'm not sure, but I have wondered. Dave, sad to say, most of us don't wonder at all, it's simply not our problem. Our collective selfishness knows no bounds it seems. Blessings. said...

yeah it is true that subtitles suck such as on the news or live programming they are slow and wrong spelling. sometimes they dont even make sense unless you have heard it!!

Tamara Collins said...

Good morning Sherry. I'm an ASL student and actually, sign language is all about "the flowerly adjectives." Painting a picture with the vivid details of the conversation is much better executed in ASL than in English. Check it out. You may fall in love with the language and the culture, as I have.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I used to work out at a gym that had CNN on the television sets, with closed captioning running across the screen. I would try to follow along while I worked out on the elliptical trainer, but it drove me nuts with the misspellings, the dropped endings of the stories, and the times when it just didn't make sense. At least with the news, we can look up the real story on the internet or in the newspaper. Television shows must be highly frustrating.
We've been pretty happy with the closed captioning on our DVDs.

Kay Dennison said...

Because it was probably designed by hearing people who haven't a clue.

Ann_C said...


You were hearing once. You don't know?


Anonymous said...

As a Hearing person interested in Deaf Culture, I've been monitoring the Closed Captioning on various shows.

The worst offenders are the News Channels and programs, Late Night shows and "Reality Shows." They use Live Captioning which usually SUCKS.

WHY? Because the networks discount Deaf viewers. They only caption shows because they are legally FORCED to.

With LIVE shows, news and other Talk shows, they get around it by hiring people to type whatever they hear, no matter how WRONG it may be. And with certain "Reality Shows," like Survivor, the networks refuse to let a captioner PREVIEW the show, because they fear the Captioner might give out SPOILERS.

The absolute WORST offending network in Captioning is COMEDY CENTRAL. They always use live Captioning, even though most of their shows are PRE-TAPED. Particularly their highest rated shows like "The Daily Show," "The Colbert Report" and "South Park," as well as taped Comedy Central specials featuring comedians. And they REBROADCAST these shows over and over with the same crappy, incomprehensible Live Captions!

Comedy Central provides most of its content to the WEB without Captions.

Express your displeasure HERE.

MAKE Comedy Central caption ALL its programming competently, both as it goes out on the Air and as it comes out on the Web!

Deborah Wolter said...

My sympathies! Hubby and I went out to dinner on Friday, rented a DVD (that the package clearly stated CC), came home and settled on the couch for what would be our first chance to watch something, a comedy, in three months. (Normally, we'd rather be busy DOING things than watching things but once in a blue moon, we'd like to be couch-potatoes). No captions. A disappointment for sure.