Tuesday, April 14, 2009

There Are No Accidents In The Universe

There are no accidents in the universe, in my beliefs of life and in my experience.

We ramble about the planet doing what we do, living our lives, and change is happening.
I spent a great deal of my life in search of happiness, and discovered that searching and seeking usually brings about more of the same searching a seeking.

I was, and am, content in my new life for the most part. Other than missing a soul to share the day to day concerto with, I could be be content live busy with my activities.
So I am cautious yet curious when new people grace my life.
Still, I have open mind and open heart to new ideas, people, places and things. I am also aware of what the human spirit has to offer, so I forge ahead observing and taking in the new people who grace my life daily.

So when someone graced my life a few weeks ago, I did the usual observing, listening, contemplating, deliberating, meditating, and reflective thought. After reasonable time and conversation it became clear that this new soul was a kindred one indeed.

I am pensive and rational by nature, so I was intrigued by my "full speed ahead" quest to spend more time with this wonderful soul as she was so engrossing.

My deafness along with my obvious magnet on my melon, has made me more shy and guarded than the previous analog version of myself. It was with great delight that this lady disarmed my silly perspective of myself, and made me feel "normal". In so much as I hate the word normal, and at times believe I am no different than before, I am also aware that my challenges with cochlear aided hearing do indeed make me different.

I had also forgotten how wonderful it is to share conversation one on one, as I posted a while ago. I get caught up in the wonderful world of sharing, and find myself "hogging" the conversation, as I have been for starved of that for quite some time.

Acceptance of new friendship can be hard. When one is "not looking", "not interviewing" or "not accepting resumes" for the friend position; one is caught of guard a little bit when the universe offers up a wonderful kindred soul to share and laugh with.
To allot and apportion my time with is a treat now as I look forward to the experience and the daily give and take of the conversation that is offered up when two people share common interests and goals.
The give and take of life is worthy of sharing with others. So my enchantment moved quickly to contentment.

Yes it has been a relatively short period of time in our friendship, but we are not 17 any more, and there is no sadness in that simple fact.

Life moves on at the speed of life. Change happens faster than we like, but it changes.
The glee and gratification of sharing the day to day trials and tribulations are lighter from the mirth and pleasure of having someone to chew the words with.
Another wonderful soul to relish the day with.
A kindred spirit to share the hilarity and jollity of life and it's joy.

There are no accidents in the Universe




K.Line said...

D: How positively wonderful that you've found a friend to share your thoughts and experiences with. If anyone deserves to have some simple enjoyment (but lots of it), it is you!

themom said...

You are one to be appreciated and loved. I think it is wonderful that possibly you have someone to open up with. Enjoy the moment.

Sylvia K said...

I'm very happy for you, David.

lisahgolden said...

After having just read the post about missing conversation and sharing, I have one word for this. Yes.

Anonymous said...

David, this is wonderful! Nothing beats having someone to talk to and share with. We can only be alone for so long before it becomes a burden and not a pleasure.

I'm so happy this person has come into your life.

~ Wendi

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blessing!
I'm so glad you are open to receiving this gift.

Kerry said...

I m one of those who believes that people are put in our life for a reason.
Kindered spirits are very special.
You know David whats normal anyways?
I am betting if we took a poll here. Many of us have visual things and some of us maybe not but still have differences that we deal with daily.
Yup we are all different in one way or another.
But your right it gives us a new perspective on life.
I m glad to hear your graced with a new friend in your life. One to share things with.

Annieofbluegables said...

I have two friends who have both been through two or three divorces. Both had sworn off another marriage. But the woman saw that he seemed down, she approached him one night after choir. She sang alto, he was the director of the choir.
She said to him, "You look so sad. Whatever it is, please know that this choir is my most favorite time of week. Don't give up."
He asked her out on the spot. They went for ice cream. On the second date, he said to her, "If we were 25 I would take this slow, but we are 50. Will you marry me?"
That was six years ago. They both consider this their "first marriage" they are both so much in love and so happy.
I just thought of that story when I read this post. Not that you are feeling romantic about her or anything. But it is sweet to find someone who is a sole mate and can share conversation, etc. I agree, there are no accidents.
Happy for you.

bobbie said...

I do believe that people come into our lives for a reason. Enjoy.

Jennifer said...

I am smiling here. I hate the idea of you being lonely...you have so much to offer...and this was just what I needed to hear :)

Kay Dennison said...

I am happy for you! This is good.

smalltownme said...

Good news, David.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no accidents! I think it's wonderful and I'm smiling at the thought...she's the lucky one.